Understanding Totp Format (allthingsauth.com)

Published:   September 3, 2021

Reference: https://www.allthingsauth.com/2018/04/20/a-medium-dive-on-the-totp-spec/

Gist for TOTP is

  1. Secure share of shared-secret b/w parties via QR code,

    • QR code is mostly and information in this url format: otpauth://totp/ACME%20Co:john.doe@email.com?secret=HXDMVJECJJWSRB3HWIZR4IFUGFTMXBOZ&issuer=ACME%20Co&algorithm=SHA1&digits=6&period=30
  2. OTP = hash (shared secret + time)

For deep dive, please go via bookmark reference mentioned on top

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