Can Every Devices Be Hacked (

Published:   December 6, 2021

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So yes, if someone is really persistant about it. The prices for these weaponised exploit start from 100K USD from from 2.5Million dollars.

There is high cost to it, so usually used by state actor or for

Don’t live in fear of getting hacked, it should be in your threat model. There are lot more important people our there with more information is their hands so you’re very less likely are a target, but remember if someone wants to he can.

There is pure economics involved, will it bring enough ROI(Return of investment on it). Are you a person of interest.

What all you can do ?

  1. Browser has huge attack surface. If you can disable JS, probably disabling javascript, but that seems difficult. Use umatrix can make it easy.
  2. Disable just-in time compiler, or webassembly or browser if you can.
  3. Don’t click stupid links.
  4. Use multi-factor auth
  5. Password managers.
  6. Attack persistance is hard, but just restart it every now and then. It might help you.

Most simpler tricks are Phishing you should be worry about.

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