Perception Is Reality

Modified:   August 21, 2021
Published:   August 12, 2020


Was writing a few posts on being a man of actions, not being scared of the future and remembering only action matters.

Excerpts from notion kbs

Confidence is the key, if you believe in you the world will believe in you.

Perception is reality, how people perceive you is how they behave around you and that is real, it doesn’t matter if their perception is an accurate depiction of you or not because it doesn’t matter. People do action, real world action based on it. Hence the Perception is reality or Perception becomes the reality.

I learnt it the hard way, when people perceive you in a certain way and action, real actions are taken because of it.

What people perceive of you are from your actions, at least this is the case with me. Your thoughts are not visible out there, only your actions. You can speak of your intention, and some people may buy it but not for long. Actions are more powerful than words.

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