Learning to Write With Confidencce (blog.stephsmith.io)

Published:   May 21, 2020

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Some notes

Writing is Thinking

“Self-doubt can be an ally. This is because it serves as an indicator of aspiration. It reflects love, love of something we dream of doing, and desire, desire to do it. If you find yourself asking yourself (and your friends), “Am I really a writer? Am I really an artist?” chances are you are.” - The War of Art

“Each time you write a page, you are a writer. Each time you practice the violin, you are a musician. Each time you start a workout, you are an athlete. Each time you encourage your employees, you are a leader.” - Atomic Habits

“It’s through writing that we exercise our ability to think; they’re not mutually exclusive tasks.” - Grammarly

Optimizing for One Variable

This clearly isn’t always to my advantage, but it gives me something to orient around. If I tried to optimize completely across quality, speed, SEO-potential, among other variables, I would get paralyzed. So instead, I focus on one thing: quality.

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