1. What Is Not Love ( youtube.com)

    youtube emotions love food-for-thought notes

  2. Azure Enterprise Scale ( techcommunity.microsoft.com)

    azure security cloud-security notes

  3. Cloudsecdocs ( cloudsecdocs.com)

    security cloud-security container notes

  4. Profiles to Look Upto ( github.com)

    career motivation profiles-to-look-upto notes

  5. Flamenco Street Music ( youtube.com)

    music youtube flamenco notes

  6. People Do Not Care ( ankurwarikoo.com)

    lessons stupid-commentry food-for-thought notes

  7. Linus Interview Linuxcon North America 2016 ( youtube.com)

    linux interview linus time-killer youtube notes

  8. Cryptjacking Docker Container ( unit42.paloaltonetworks.com)

    docker container security crytojacking notes

  9. Iterm Auto Theme Switch ( gist.github.com)

    iterm macos notes

  10. Azure Caf Terraform Landingzones ( github.com)

    azure caf terraform todo notes

  11. Please Use Plain Text for Email ( drewdevault.com)

    email notes

  12. How Lithium-ion Battery Work ( youtube.com)

    how-does-x-work youtube notes

  13. How SSD Work ( youtube.com)

    how-does-x-work youtube notes

  14. Awesome Prometheus Alerts ( awesome-prometheus-alerts.grep.to)

    prometheus awesome-lists notes

  15. Amish the Indian Way ( youtube.com)

    amish indian-way notes

  16. Inner Working of Python Objects ( dabeaz-course.github.io)

    python internals notes

  17. Permaculture Project Water Revolution India ( youtube.com)

    water-harvesting water-revolution india notes

  18. Lessons in Electric Circuits ( allaboutcircuits.com)

    electricity textbook notes

  19. Projector Optics Internals ( youtube.com)

    optics projector diy notes

  20. Video: A glimpse into ancient indian astronomy ( youtube.com)

    astrology food-for-thought notes