1. Golang Slice Tricks (github.com)

    golang programming tricks notes

  2. What Is Not Love (www.youtube.com)

    youtube emotions love food-for-thought notes

  3. Azure Enterprise Scale (techcommunity.microsoft.com)

    azure security cloud-security notes

  4. Cloudsecdocs (cloudsecdocs.com)

    security cloud-security container notes

  5. Profiles to Look Upto (github.com)

    career motivation profiles-to-look-upto notes

  6. Flamenco Street Music (www.youtube.com)

    music youtube flamenco notes

  7. People Do Not Care (ankurwarikoo.com)

    lessons stupid-commentry food-for-thought notes

  8. Linus Interview Linuxcon North America 2016 (www.youtube.com)

    linux interview linus time-killer youtube notes

  9. Cryptjacking Docker Container (unit42.paloaltonetworks.com)

    docker container security crytojacking notes

  10. Iterm Auto Theme Switch (gist.github.com)

    iterm macos notes

  11. Azure Caf Terraform Landingzones (github.com)

    azure caf terraform todo notes

  12. Please Use Plain Text for Email (drewdevault.com)

    email notes

  13. How Lithium-ion Battery Work (www.youtube.com)

    how-does-x-work youtube notes

  14. How SSD Work (www.youtube.com)

    how-does-x-work youtube notes

  15. Awesome Prometheus Alerts (awesome-prometheus-alerts.grep.to)

    prometheus awesome-lists notes

  16. Amish the Indian Way (www.youtube.com)

    amish indian-way notes

  17. Inner Working of Python Objects (dabeaz-course.github.io)

    python internals notes

  18. Permaculture Project Water Revolution India (www.youtube.com)

    water-harvesting water-revolution india notes

  19. Lessons in Electric Circuits (www.allaboutcircuits.com)

    electricity textbook notes

  20. Projector Optics Internals (www.youtube.com)

    optics projector diy notes