1. Lessons in Electric Circuits (www.allaboutcircuits.com)

    electricity textbook notes

  2. Projector Optics Internals (www.youtube.com)

    optics projector diy notes

  3. Video: A glimpse into ancient indian astronomy (www.youtube.com)

    astrology food-for-thought notes

  4. Working on virtualenv without magic (web.archive.org)

    python virtualenv abstraction notes

  5. Beautiful Static Site in haskell (github.com)

    themes static-sites beautiful notes

  6. Rust Zero Cost Abstractions (web.archive.org)

    rust beautiful notes

  7. Vscode Keyboard Shortcuts (web.archive.org)

    vscode keyboard-shortcuts notes

  8. Federation Is Worst of All Worlds (fieldnotes.resistant.tech)

    federation decentralization food-for-thought notes

  9. Learn Go With Tests (quii.gitbook.io)

    golang tests tutorial notes

  10. Understanding the /bin, /sbin, /usr/sbin Split (web.archive.org)

    why nix notes

  11. Ctfs Are Awesome (www.youtube.com)

    ctf youtube notes

  12. Pi Nfs Server (web.archive.org)

    rpi nfs home-server notes

  13. Why Normalize CSS (web.archive.org)

    css notes

  14. K8s Node Local Dns Cache (povilasv.me)

    k8s dns cache coredns iptables notes

  15. Learning to Write With Confidencce (blog.stephsmith.io)

    writing skills lessons notes

  16. Sell Yourself, Sell Your Work (web.archive.org)

    communication hn-post lessons notes

  17. EKS Best Practices (aws.github.io)

    eks best-practices aws notes

  18. Promql cheatsheet (github.com)

    promql prometheus cheatsheets notes

  19. Hugo the Scope the Context and the Dot (regisphilibert.com)

    hugo notes