People Do Not Care

Published:   July 28, 2021


You get up every morning.
You show up.
You do the right things.
You work really really hard.
Don’t cheat, don’t steal, don’t beg, don’t lie.

Here is the honest truth – People don’t care!
People don’t care if you are doing the right thing.
They only care if you are doing the right thing for them.

tldr : If they care they care, if they don’t they don’t and that shouldn’t be once concern.

Truely, it makes sense people would only care if you do right thing for them, but that shouldn’t concern us. It is not in our control, so why worry in the first place.

Reason for doing sometime should be because you care not because someone else does. Personally learnt it hard way that people pleasing or doing because someone else wants/cares is stupid idea. For me personally, it was because I had low self-respect for myself.

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