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Published:   August 14, 2021

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He said in one of his interviews that men wrote to him and told that he changed his life. I’m one of such characters. Here also a lot of thanks goes to people who made the internet happen, so I could watch his lessons/lectures or speeches.

To achieve to be highly successful in corporate world i.e. reach at high position in social order one has to put insane amount of work, he mentioned 80 hours work week, translates to ~ 12 hours every day without breaks for years and with focus and determination.


It isn’t like when kids go to work to the library to study for 6 hours.

High social order always means different from different cultures. India had a weird culture once, people who left the material world and lived for pursuit of knowledge were treated on high pecking order, but that is for a very evolved state of culture. Mostly it would refer to high financial or political position. Disclaimer: Today India is in a very sad state w.r.t its culture and the same system has become the biggest baggage.

Will Mahatma Gandhi be treated in a higher social order than Bill Gates or Sir Albert Einstein ?

One needs to make decision,

  1. Either earn good enough money to enjoy life and then learn music, take care of body, tap-dancing, beautiful literature, learning physics, getting close to oneself/god

  2. Be insane and work like crazy and get up in pecking order

  3. Or third he didn’t mention having a middle ground, keep working your whole life because you enjoy it and reach in high pecking order. While taking care of your body, mind, being calm and happy all along in life. Is this route possible ?

    • Happiness Unlimited had a very huge impact on me, during my college years, but is this route possible? This would good exploration in my life

    So goal of life is to explore this third route

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