Why Stopping Vim Now

Published:   May 31, 2020


While learning more about tools for the trade, vim was the tool that was thrown at me a lot. This tool took a long time, because I went the wrong route and was trying to use it as IDE not how it was intended.

The way I started was at first, moved to config and plugin, instead of getting comfortable with vim-help, docs or core-vim without any setting.

I learnt a few things here like vim-fugitive, it’s a great plugin, and alone it makes vim a treat to use. It makes my git usage very easy, staging and selecting hunks became easy for me.

It works well for go and python and go still once in a while, but I still have to struggle with vim to get it work for me. I tend to spend time in my vim rather than working on problems.

It became more evident to me when I was watching a youtube video on binary exploitation series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NTXFUxcKPc&list=PLhixgUqwRTjxglIswKp9mpkfPNfHkzyeN&index=7, and came across this tool https://github.com/radare/radare2. It seemed similar to vim, and I thought for beginners the tools should be secondary but playing with art is more important.

I found similarities with learning badminton and drawing, focus on badminton as skill was more important. Focussed more on playing badminton, picked up any badminton racket and knew badminton racket wasn’t the bottleneck, my skills were. This was very evident to me, and was completely aware of that fact. People around me were buying head-heavy rackets, branded expensive rackets, for me 5min google and found a simple racket and just worked with that, nothing more.

Same went with the drawing course that I took on udemy, I just picked a simple pencil, rubber and eraser and started working on skill, instead of focusing on the tool. Instead of blue pencil and different type of pencils.

But for a job, focussing on vim, is much trouble, it does things in an odd way, you need to learn it. It’s probably good for masters but for people like where bottleneck isn’t IDE but my skills focus should be on enhancing skills rather than tools for me.

Tools do matter to me, tmux is one fantastic tool which I’ve picked up and I love to core. It’s a beautiful tool to me.

So I will focus more on skills, like it worked for badminton and drawing will focus on creating products and instead of fighting with the system to get things done.

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