What Does 9s Mean in Downtime

Published:   November 19, 2021

Ref: http://uptime.is/99.9

Sometime i just forgot how much 9s means in w.r.t SLA and how much downtime can be afforded and this above reference is simple and beautiful.

Try with multiple 9s like this: https://uptime.is/99.9 or https://uptime.is/99.99

To put from website.


Daily: 1m 26s
Weekly: 10m 4s
Monthly: 43m 49s
Quarterly: 2h 11m 29s
Yearly: 8h 45m 56s


Daily: 8s
Weekly: 1m 0s
Monthly: 4m 22s
Quarterly: 13m 8s
Yearly: 52m 35s


Daily: 0s
Weekly: 6s
Monthly: 26s
Quarterly: 1m 18s
Yearly: 5m 15s

For more 9s visit https://uptime.is/99.9999

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