Basic Geometry Concepts

Published:   November 1, 2017


Some basic terminologies in geometry

Q: What is the curve ?

A curve is a shape which is smoothly drawn in a plane having a bent or turns in it.

Q: What is the tangent to the curve ?

Tangent to the curve is the line that touches it(curve) only at one point.

Q: What is a vector ?

In physics and geometry, (Euclidean vector or a direction vector), used to represent physical quantities that have both magnitude and direction.

Q: What is a tangent vector ?

Any vector that is tangent to the curve is a tangent vector.

Q: What is parallel transported ?

It means transferring things parallel. Here moving vector together, working things in parallel or transposing parallelly

Q: What is a straight line ?

It’s a special curve, when its tangent vector stays tangent when parallelly transported along the curve.

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