Jonathan Livingston Seagull a Story

Published:   June 15, 2017


I’ve been always thinking and fascinated by dharmic itihaas(~=history), puranas(probably ~legend/stories), where bhagvan/devas/avatars(loosely translated to “GOD”) are said to have done extraordinary things.

I still can’t understand how someone can do it, now we worship them.( Were they real characters or were they just fictional stories for entertainment.

While reading this book, I found the same thing revolving around my head. Story starts with Jonathan Livingston(a seagull) who tries to go beyond his limits. One who doesn’t want to limit himself like others(not trying to push their limits). He feels flying, he feels himself while he is flying fast, but no-one around him is interested in it and furthermore they limit him too.

Get down Seagulls ever fly in the dark, if you meant to fly in the dark,
you'd have they eyes of an owl!
you would have charts for brains!
you'd have a falcon's short wings.

It’s a small book of 127 pages. Small and fascinating story to tell.

Story starts with Jonathon Seagull who pushes his limits than normal gull, and then teaches the same to Fletcher and other student, after jonathon gone fletcher teaches some gulls how to push their limits.

During the course author tries to show the realities that persist around our societies; how we just ceremoniously celebrate leader and forget his deeds. No-one practices the deeds of the leader, they just remember him and at same time forget him.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.
It will help me to improve/learn.

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