What Is Spacetime in Einstein Theory

Published:   July 2, 2024

  • the laws of physics and the speed of light must be the same for all uniformly moving observers, regardless of their state of relative motion.

  • For this to be true, space and time can no longer be independent. Rather, they are “converted” into each other in such a way as to keep the speed of light constant for all observers.

  • (This is why moving objects appear to shrink, as suspected by FitzGerald and Lorentz, and why moving observers may measure time differently, as speculated by PoincarĂ©.) Space and time are relative (i.e., they depend on the motion of the observer who measures them) and light is more fundamental than either.

** Note: I don’t have intuition about spacetime in Einstein theory. **

What is spacetime in Einstein theory ?

  • It’s like all objects in the universe sit in a smooth, four-dimensional fabric called space-time.
  • This fabric is curved by the mass and energy of objects in it.
  • The curvature of space-time causes objects to move on curved paths. We see these paths as the force of gravity.
  • This fabric is not just space and time, but a combination of both. It’s like a 4D fabric where 3D is space and 1D is time.

Now to me this fabric thing confuses me. This just doesn’t feel right to me.


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