1. Bayes Rule and Medical Tests (youtube.com)

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  2. Trust Your Instincts Instead of Hearsay

    odd-night-thoughts instincts news-business opinions tils

  3. Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei (www.youtube.com/)

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  4. India's Maiden Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (www.youtube.com)

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  5. Homelabs Setup (www.reddit.com)

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  6. Bigger Impact of Distraction More Than Just Time Lost (www.youtube.com)

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  7. Finally Some Sense in Laptops (www.youtube.com)

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  8. NASA K8s Hardening Guide (news.ycombinator.com)

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  9. Golang Slice Tricks (github.com)

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  10. What Is Not Love (www.youtube.com)

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  11. Azure Enterprise Scale (techcommunity.microsoft.com)

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  12. Batman vs Superman Martha Flaw

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  13. Never Hate Bad Time

    quote silver-lining quotes

  14. Cloudsecdocs (cloudsecdocs.com)

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  15. Profiles to Look Upto (github.com)

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  16. Flamenco Street Music (www.youtube.com)

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  17. Leaving current org, risk and rewards

    switching-jobs mentorship mentee lessons tils

  18. People Do Not Care (ankurwarikoo.com)

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  19. Linus Interview Linuxcon North America 2016 (www.youtube.com)

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  20. Cryptjacking Docker Container (https://unit42.paloaltonetworks.com)

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