1. Flamenco Street Music (www.youtube.com)

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  2. Leaving current org, risk and rewards

    switching-jobs mentorship mentee lessons notes tils

  3. People Do Not Care (ankurwarikoo.com)

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  4. Linus Interview Linuxcon North America 2016 (www.youtube.com)

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  5. Cryptjacking Docker Container (unit42.paloaltonetworks.com)

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  6. Iterm Auto Theme Switch (gist.github.com)

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  7. Azure Caf Terraform Landingzones (github.com)

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  8. Git via Email Getting Started

    git email decentralized notes tils

  9. Strace Command Snippets

    snippets linux utils notes tils

  10. Please Use Plain Text for Email (drewdevault.com)

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  11. Simplified view on How Certificate Signing works

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  12. Intro to DAC

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  13. How Lithium-ion Battery Work (www.youtube.com)

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  14. How SSD Work (www.youtube.com)

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  15. Moments: Breakfast With Champions (www.youtube.com)

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  16. Awesome Prometheus Alerts (awesome-prometheus-alerts.grep.to)

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  17. Amish the Indian Way (www.youtube.com)

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  18. Inner Working of Python Objects (dabeaz-course.github.io)

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  19. Permaculture Project Water Revolution India (www.youtube.com)

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  20. Lessons in Electric Circuits (www.allaboutcircuits.com)

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