IPv4 Link Local


To participate in wide-area IP networking, a host needs to be configured with IP addresses for its interfaces, either manually by the user or automatically from a source on the network such as a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server. Unfortunately, such address configuration information may not always be available. It is therefore beneficial for a host to be able to depend on a useful subset of IP networking functions even when no address configuration is available.

It means link-local address are used when host is not able to get any network configuration from

then it automatically take IP from pool of ( – mentioned in RFC 3927


  1. Take any random IP from above pool
  2. Check if IP is not taken by others using broadcast via ARP
  3. If IP is taken then go back to step 1
  4. If IP is not taken, then assign the IP to yourself and be ready for networking.

Important points to be noted


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