Leaving current org, risk and rewards

Published:   July 29, 2021



There have been few things and also got new opportunities hence been planning to leave the existing org, meanwhile was having discussion my mentor(will ask him if I can put his name here) about my change and got really nice quote from him While changing of jobs you need to think in terms of risk and reward, and also one side quote the devil you know is better than one you don't. (don’t’ mean literal devil here but hope you understand meaning behind quote)


If you join a new org, you are leaving something you know about(devil you know), how it functions and how to get things done there . When you move to a new org, you don’t know how it works, it’s a new cognitive load. Hence the risk.


One reward that you see directly is compensation. It gets balanced with industry standards, not sure why it is so. Same person in the org is not compensated like a new employee coming in. It’s more like you don’t treat your current customer well and spend a lot of money on marketing to acquire new customers. There might be some reason probably a bit more google someday #todo

The other important one is: sometimes if you’re really disgusted by the place you work in, a new workplace gives you a new fresh experience and meeting and working with new peers would be a great learning experience.

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