Trust Your Instincts Instead of Hearsay

Published:   August 7, 2021


More my understanding of the world grows by reading various prophecies people have made before, makes me realize that there is no point in taking hearsay seriously, be it from news channels, be it anywhere else. No one knows the future, it’s so obvious, still people are into prediction/criticism business and it’s working well too.

In 1909 Washington Post wrote “There will never be such a thing as commercial aerial freighters. Freight will continue to drag it’s slow weight across the patient path”.

It is also not now, it’s been since the 1900s, over centuries, it’s easier to spread pessimism, criticize people around even if they are working for their vision/dream. They don’t even need one bad event for it; their prediction business is just on. If they get a bad event, oh my. One just need to realize this dead-simple thing: " no-one knows about future".

Everybody’s is guessing, some have seen similar thing before but still based on past experience they’re guessing nothing more. These are modern future predictors with some probability not even odds, so the important lesson is to trust our instincts and move across.

There is a good chance of failing here too, but at-least now understanding our own intuition is better than before and as everyone bet’s, mine bet was also on table.

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