1. Leadership Lecture Sam Manekshaw (www.youtube.com)

    life-lessons leadership youtube notes

  2. Dangerous Man Are Virtuous (youtu.be)

    jordan-peterson food-for-thought notes

  3. Company Similar to East India Company (www.youtube.com)

    Imperialism United States brutal humans companies notes

  4. Can Every Devices Be Hacked (www.youtube.com)

    cybersec life-hacks notes

  5. How Engine Works (www.youtube.com)

    engineering visualization engine how-does-x-work youtube notes

  6. Understand Electricity Generation (www.youtube.com)

    youtube electricity electromagnetism physics notes

  7. Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei (www.youtube.com)

    badminton beautiful motivation youtube notes

  8. India's Maiden Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (www.youtube.com)

    india defence indigenous engineering manufacturing motivation notes

  9. Bigger Impact of Distraction More Than Just Time Lost (www.youtube.com)

    youtube productivity distractions pomodoro smartphones notes

  10. Finally Some Sense in Laptops (www.youtube.com)

    youtube laptops repairability notes

  11. What Is Not Love (www.youtube.com)

    youtube emotions love food-for-thought notes

  12. Flamenco Street Music (www.youtube.com)

    music youtube flamenco notes

  13. Linus Interview Linuxcon North America 2016 (www.youtube.com)

    linux interview linus time-killer youtube notes

  14. How Lithium-ion Battery Work (www.youtube.com)

    how-does-x-work youtube notes

  15. How SSD Work (www.youtube.com)

    how-does-x-work youtube notes

  16. Projector Optics Internals (www.youtube.com)

    optics projector diy notes